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Anthony Lindan





Anthony Lindan is a master magician, performer, team builder, custom creator and lecturer of close up magic.

Custom Corporate Magic – Stage Shows – Team-Building Workshops – Sleight of Hand Magician

Based in southern Ontario, AnthonyLIndan has for more than 25 years performed exclusively for corporate functions such as receptions, conventions, conferences, trade shows, hospitality suites, sales meetings and at numerous prestigious events requiring the finest in blue chip entertainment.

Corporate “Magic” Services:

“Tricks of the Trade”
Interactive Team Building Workshop

It is not all just smoke and mirrors. The skill set necessary to effectively perform a magic trick closely resembles that required to successfully communicate in the business world.

Corporate magician Anthony Lindan has developed a fun, interactive and experiential approach to learn about the creativity, communication, problem-solving and presentation skills required to perform magic and entertain an audience.

Drawing on over twenty years of experience, Anthony Lindan reveals the REAL secrets about performing and connecting with an audience.

“In magic, as in real life, the key to success is not the trick itself but how it is performed.”

1. Participants break into groups and each group learns a different magic trick
• How the trick works – the mechanics
• Why the trick works – applied psychology
• How to perform the trick – presentation skills
• Each group develops a presentation relevant to their company or industry

2. Mini – Magic Show
• Participants for each group perform the trick in front of the whole audience
• Anthony Lindan serves as MC for the participant’s magic show and provides insights into each performance.

3. Debrief
• Anthony Lindan examines the experience of working together to learn, process and present new information.
Minimum number of participants is 25 and the maximum number of participants is 150.

The workshop runs 1½ hours. With Anthony Lindan’s 30-minute opening stand up magic show the total run time is 2 hours. Anthony Lindan provides all necessary magic props and learning materials.

The feedback we received on the workshop was really great! People really liked the approach and they took away interesting concepts from the event. Anthony also performed some really amazing card tricks during dinner and afterward which dazzled all. I would most certainly say the workshop itself was really worth it: very energetic, lots of participation, and I can now speak from experience that it is not easy to perform a magic trick in front of a crowd believing you will fool them! Please convey my sincere thanks again to Anthony. – Bell Canada – Network Information Solutions


Over the years, Anthony Lindan has participated in hundreds of trade shows and corporate events throughout North America. He practices his specialized brand of marketing wizardry on behalf of an impressive array of corporate clients who have come to believe in the Power of Magic to:
attract and hold attention at a trade show booth or hospitality suite;
to educate and motivate customers;
motivate staff or a sales team at sales meetings, training events and product launches;
entertain participants at conventions, conferences and corporate events and…
to have a whole lot of fun in the process!


Many occasions call for nothing more complicated than a really good show which is exactly what the Pure Entertainment program offers in two magical versions. Both are lighthearted celebrations of fun and goodwill and each can be customized to carry your corporate message.

Anthony takes care of the pre-performance details and his material is always in good taste so there’s nothing to plan, do or worry about.

Now, we should mention that Anthony Lindan decidedly does not fit the usual stereotype of magician-performer. There are no pesky rabbits, no flighty doves and when it comes to costume, he favors well-tailored business suits (or black tie if the occasion calls for it) over Mandrake-the-Magician capes.

Something of a chameleon, he tends to blend in…until he starts to work. That’s when the fun begins.


Presence of Mind is a 30-40 minute, cabaret style, stage magic show designed for an audience of 25-500 people.

With its focus on audience participation, it’s ideal for banquets, award ceremonies, sales meetings, product launches, conventions and any event where people gather to have a good time!

It’s a fast-moving show and Lindan gets the audience into the act right from the start (pick a card, any card). He turns otherwise perfectly normal people into human slot machines (lots of spinning, silliness and laughter); gets the boss into the act; borrows money, makes it disappear and takes the audience on a complex series of misadventures to get it back.

How does he do that?

Before you know it, it’s time for the grand finale — the hilariously frustrating Houdini-style escape. Houdini was never like this!

Two volunteers securely lock Lindan’s hands behind his back and conceal him as he attempts to escape. In an artfully artless routine worthy of the great silent movie comedians, Lindan wages an impossible battle with his jacket, the shackles, the hapless volunteers holding up the curtain and the audience.

Without giving too much away, we can say that he is ultimately successful, the show is over all too soon and as the event manager responsible for booking entertainment, you’re looking very good indeed.

Magic is Afoot! is a form of just-for-fun pure entertainment. Anthony strolls from location to location or table to table involving members of the audience in close-up, sleight-of-hand magic.

Given his chameleon quality, it’s not always easy to pick Lindan out of the crowd but you can track his progress through the room by following the sounds of amazement and laughter.

Magic is Afoot! is an intimate, involving style of show that’s ideal for cocktail receptions, intimate dinner parties, trade shows booths to increase visibility and awareness, awards and incentive events, and corporate hospitality suites.


Thank you for your fine work at our ‘Magic Box’ product launch at the New York Marriott World Trade Center. You helped make the event a big success. Your customized magic presentations effectively relayed our key messages and did so in an immensely entertaining yet unobtrusive manner. We hope you’ll work your magic with us again in the future. – IBM Corporation

Your customized magic performance was amazing and informative and helped us attract people to our booth. Our staff was particularly impressed with how well you incorporated our key product information into your magic presentations. You certainly did your homework about our company and products. – Kyocera Wireless Corporation

Everyone enjoyed your magic and the SAS messages you integrated throughout your performance. You are a quick study. You know our SAS messages better than some of our own folks! – SAS Institute Canada

Thanks for entertaining at our ‘Focus 2000’ Dealer Road Show. The responses from our Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto events were overwhelmingly positive. Your customized close-up magic performances were both amazing and informative. You particularly impressed our dealers and staff with how well you incorporated important Toshiba product information. – Toshiba Canada

Thank you for an outstanding performance at our Sears Home Central conference. You managed to integrate a number of our somewhat dry business-specific concepts into a series of well crafted magic tricks that enabled our audience to retain the key messages and be entertained at the same time. Quite an accomplishment! You were a pleasure to work with. I trust I will have the opportunity to work with you again. – Sears Canada

Thank you for your magical performance at our sales incentive plan launch. You truly amazed our audience not only by your tricks but also by how you definitely captured our marketing messages. You also impressed us by your ability to comprehend the marketing story after spending only a short time with us.” – Bell Canada